According to the November 19 th Crop Progress Report, Iowa corn harvest is 91% complete and soybean harvest is 97% complete. At the Crop Reporting District (CRD) level, Iowa corn harvest progress ranges from 78% complete in the Southwest CRD to 96% complete in the Northwest and North Central CRDs. Southwest Iowa is also only 90% complete with soybean harvest while several crop reporting districts across the state are 99% complete.

Iowa has completed 91% of their corn harvest, while neighboring states such as Illinois and Missouri are 100% and 95% complete, respectively. However, North and South Dakota have only harvested 71% and 82% of their corn crop.

Iowa and most of their neighboring states have harvested 90% or more of their soybean crop, however, Missouri and Kansas are only 77% an 81% done, respectively.