According to the January 2018 USDA NASS Grain Stocks Report, 2017 on-farm grain storage capacity in the U.S. has increased only slightly since 2016. Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois are the leading states for on-farm grain storage capacity with 2.10 billion bushels, 1.55 billion bushels, and 1.47 billion bushels, respectively. These three states combined account for 38% of the U.S. total on-farm grain storage.

Off-farm grain storage capacity increased about 1% in the U.S. over the past year. Illinois, Iowa and Kansas are home to the most off-farm grain storage facilities as well as the most off-farm grain storage capacity. Illinois has the capacity to store 1.50 billion bushels off-farm at 840 facilities, Iowa with 1.47 billion bushels of storage capacity and 880 facilities, and Kansas with 1.10 billion bushels at 715 grain storage facilities. These three states make up 36% of total U.S. off-farm grain storage capacity. Iowa saw the largest increase over the past year with an estimated 40 million additional bushels of off-farm storage capacity added since December 2016.