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How does coronavirus impact your food?


No question, our lives and routines have changed within the span of a few weeks, and perhaps nowhere is this more evident than how we choose to fill our grocery carts, fridges and pantries.

Thanks to the heroes who provide safe, nutritious food


Thank you to our local heroes in schools, fields, and everywhere for keeping us fed and safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

Meat: The perfect brain food


Research shows animal-based proteins like meat, dairy and eggs help our brains function.

Sneaky diet culture: How food labels can be misleading


Diet culture isn't about health. It's about making money.

Are there antibiotics in meat and poultry? Why farmers use antibiotics to treat animals


USDA testing ensures that meat and poultry are free of antibiotic residue, and farmers cannot use medically important antibiotics to "fatten" livestock.

How agriculture will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% over the next five years


In 2019, a group of university researchers and other experts representing government, agriculture and environmental organizations concluded that agriculture is on a trajectory to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 50%.

Is eating meat sustainable?


While there’s nothing wrong with adding plant-based foods to your meals—in fact, you should eat fruits and veggies!— there is also no shame or guilt necessary for also eating meat.

The Roaring 2020s: A decade of optimism for food and farming


It’s going to be a tremendous decade of progress, not only for Iowa farmers but for all of us who want to make strides toward protecting our natural resources, improving the quality of our food and providing farm animals with the best care possible.

Coach Fry's legacy lives on through ANF


America's farmers lost a legendary champion when former Iowa Hawkeye football coach Hayden Fry passed away earlier this week.

Farmers shouldn’t forget how valuable they are


All the holiday celebrating this season has got me thinking about food – how much we love it, how much need it and, all to often, how much we take it for granted.