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Burger King serves up a whopper with its reduced methane cow commercial


That was fast. Only a week in and Burger King has already promised to alter a wacky marketing campaign it started to promote an unproven hypothesis to address an issue that it wildly overstates.

4 stats that prove Iowa’s water quality progress


Are we making clear and significant strides? Definitely, and we have the numbers to prove it!

How do I grill meat and chicken safely in the summer?


As we enjoy our favorite summer foods, remember to ensure it's cooked safely and handled properly to prevent food-borne illness.

Enjoy safe, healthy foods at Iowa’s farmers markets


As our state resumes business after the COVID-19 shutdowns this spring, one of the first places that Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds allowed to reopen was the local farmers markets.

Plenty of pigs on farms and meat shortages at the grocery store – how does that happen?


Meat comes from the farm, so recent meat shortages at your local grocery store must be caused by problems on the farm, right? False!

How does coronavirus impact your food?


No question, our lives and routines have changed within the span of a few weeks, and perhaps nowhere is this more evident than how we choose to fill our grocery carts, fridges and pantries.

Thanks to the heroes who provide safe, nutritious food


Thank you to our local heroes in schools, fields, and everywhere for keeping us fed and safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

Meat: The perfect brain food


Research shows animal-based proteins like meat, dairy and eggs help our brains function.

Iowa Cover Crops: Answers to 8 Common Questions


Cover crops are relatively new to most of Iowa’s landscape, so (naturally) Iowans have lots of questions. We’ve answered some of the most commonly Googled questions about cover crops with help from some Iowa experts.

Sneaky diet culture: How food labels can be misleading


Diet culture isn't about health. It's about making money.