Specialty Ag Articles

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Iowans view different crops and challenges on farms in Georgia


The rocky, porous soils of southeast Georgia are miles away from Iowa, both literally and figuratively, but farmers from the two states can still learn a few things from each other.

Bill aims to bring equity for Iowa distilleries among breweries and wineries


Iowa law, for example, prohibits the sale of alcohol by the glass at distilleries — but allows the same practice in breweries and wineries.

New apple could help ease consumers' concerns about biotech


The new non-browning Arctic Apple, which was developed with gene silencing, is being test marketed in supermarkets this year.

Online specialty crop mapping registry starts to make waves in Iowa


A nonprofit company now offers an online mapping registry for Iowa specialty crop growers, honeybee producers, and pesticide applicators. They hope this will help make everyone more aware of their surroundings.

2017 Search Begins for Iowa’s Best Burger


In this year’s quest, the Iowa Beef Industry Council (IBIC) and the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association (ICA) are encouraging you to nominate your favorite burger, whether it’s gourmet or down-home style.

Coalition gauging interest for development of year-round market at Kaleidoscope


A coalition that hopes to turn the Kaleidoscope at the Hub into a year-round public market and urban farm is seeking information from potential developers and managers.

Final Organic Livestock and Poultry Production Rules Delayed


The action to delay the rule is in accordance with the “Regulatory Freeze Pending Review” memo issued on Jan. 20, 2017.

How Fancy Cheese May Save Some Small-Scale Dairies


Increasing demand for upscale, local foods has created a market for on-farm cheesemakers like Dietzel. Profit is not guaranteed and the up-front investment is significant, but it's the model Dietzel has chosen.

Iowa Organic Association to Host Transition Workshops March 3rd, 10th, & 11th


Attendees to the Iowa Organic Association workshops will learn more about the economics of organic transition, weed management on organic farms, and crop insurance options for transitioning and certified organic crops.

Automated weeding systems offer promise for specialty crops


Growers of specialty crops like vegetables, flowers and herbs have traditionally had limited options for herbicide-based weed control.