Environmental Regulations Articles

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Cropland Value Rankings In the Midwest and U.S.


Iowa has the 5th highest cropland value in the United States, at $8,100/acre, in the Midwest Iowa has the 1st highest average land value.

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone: What, Where, Why?


What are the causes? How much does agriculture contribute? How much has nutrient use decreased in agriculture in the last 20 years? Answers.

EPA leader pledges to rescind and replace WOTUS rule


The new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last week pledged to work with states, farmers and other stakeholders to rescind the current version of the Waters of the United States

FB urges members to support  WOTUS repeal


The first step in a two-part process to repeal and rewrite the waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule is under way.

Iowans see a new and cooperative attitude at EPA


There are new faces at the top of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and more importantly, a whole new attitude.

Repeal, Rewrite of the WOTUS Rule is Underway; Sign the Petition, Comment by Aug. 25


The first step in repealing the WOTUS rule is under way. The U.S. EPA is proposing to repeal the previous administration’s rule, which expanded the definition of which waters the federal government could regulate. IFBF President Craig Hill asks farmers to comment to the EPA in support of its proposal to ‘ditch the rule’, and to reinstate the old rule that was in effect. Learn how to comment to EPA by August 25 in this story.

Very fishy reasons why glyphosate wound up on a cancer list


Some things are said to be “too big to fail.” Now it seems that some truths are “too big to publish.”

New Worker Protection Standard Posters Available


New posters required for “central posting” areas and certain decontamination sites by under the Worker Protection Standard are now available to print or purchase. Learn more here.

Bulk NPK Decreasing in Price


Trends in historical fertilizer prices and current price status.

Duvall urges Iowans to be engaged in key issues


Now is the time for Farm Bur­eau members and farmers to be engaged on the issues and get involved