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Meatless diets and livestock – facts and fiction about the environmental impact: The Spokesman Speaks Podcast, Episode 9


Welcome to Episode 9 of The Spokesman Speaks podcast. In this episode, nationally-recognized air quality expert Dr. Frank Mitloehner (an animal science professor at UC Davis) challenges misinformation about the environmental impact of livestock production and meat consumption. The episode also includes an important update on EPA's Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule.

Farmers’ efforts helping waterfowl


Conservation gains in Iowa and other north-central states is creating more wildlife habitat for ducks.

Cattlemen guarding meat label integrity


Livestock group wants lab-cultured proteins to include word ‘imitation’ on product labels.

Facing spring manure application challenges


If the weather is causing challenges with manure storage, please contact your DNR field office before land applying.

Weather conditions causing wastewater discharges


Recent weather has caused many challenges for wastewater plants in Western Iowa. DNR recommends staying out of streams for safety reasons because of the high water and dangerous conditions such as debris and ice jams.

Clean water, clear rules


New Clean Water Rule provides commonsense guidelines for farmers, IFBF president says at hearing in Kansas City.

Manure Applicator Training Deadline March 1


Even with the current weather challenges, there are still options and time to complete applicator training before the deadline.

Two DNR Public Meetings Rescheduled to Review Hunting Rules


Two public meetings on possible 2019-20 hunting season changes that were postponed due to the recent winter storms have been rescheduled.

Nominations Open for Conservation Farmer of the Year Award


Nominations are open for the 2019 Iowa Conservation Farmer of the Year award. Iowans are encouraged to nominate a deserving farmer by June 1.

Clean water rule open for comments


Revised rule brings more consistency and clarity to Clean Water Act.