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Greenway honor, mosaic planned for ANF


Chad Greenway, Hawkeye and NFL star, will be honored this year at the America Needs Farmers (ANF) game set for Sept. 23 in Iowa City.

Food labeling terms sow confusion among consumers


When you’re shopping at the grocery store, you will likely find many foods nowadays labeled “natural,” “simply” or “honest” to capture your attention while speeding through the aisles.

FS applicator simulator provides safe, realistic training


Erik Wilcox, GROWMARK manager of crop protection application and equipment, showcased the realistic effects of the new FS applicator simulator to ag media recently by purposely driving into a fence.

Ag-trade surplus with South Korea, Free Trade Agreement Termination Possible


Recently President Trump has spoken about his feelings towards terminating the South Korean Free Trade Agreement. Here is the U.S.-South Korean Ag trade data.

Hurricane Irma and Florida Agriculture Impact Zone


Florida has significant agricultural assets, in fruits, vegetable crops, and animal agriculture sectors.

Governor’s office, DOT urge drivers to use caution around school buses


Gov. Kim Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg and Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) Director Mark Lowe urged Iowa drivers to use caution around school buses and reminded them to be on the lookout for children.

Young farmer chair works to connect with consumers


Laura Cunningham understands that a lot of folks can’t relate to what her life is like as a cattle farmer in northern Iowa.

Many Iowa drivers don't stop for school buses


Enforcing the law and making the public aware of it is key to keeping schoolchildren safe on their rides to and from school.

Fight back against media scares about food


Whether you’re a Trump fan or not is irrelevant when it comes to the mainstream media’s role in his election.

How Yoga Pants Changed My Mind about Chemicals


As a gardener, I know that "chemicals"- such as pesticides and crop-protection products- are a necessity in growing safe, healthy food. Without pesticides, farmers would lose a significant portion of their food crops, which leads to food waste and rising costs at the grocery store