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Since 1934, The Iowa Farm Bureau Spokesman has been Iowa’s leading agriculture news source, and today it is the largest circulation ag newspaper in Iowa. While The Spokesman newspaper is available exclusively to Iowa Farm Bureau members, The Spokesman Speaks podcast is available publicly, reaching farmers on-the-go with stories that matter to them.

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Talking sustainability with Nestle and "fake meat" with the North American Meat Institute: The Spokesman Speaks Podcast, Episode 5


In this episode, we recap Iowa's achievements at the 100th American Farm Bureau Annual Convention in New Orleans. We also sit down with Nestle's VP of Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing to talk about the ways that farmers and food companies can work together on sustainability, and we speak with the North American Meat Institute's VP of Public Affairs about "fake meat."

Legislative priorities and consumer meat trends: The Spokesman Speaks Podcast, Episode 4


In this episode, Spokesman editor Dirck Steimel sits down with Iowa Farm Bureau’s Director of Government Relations to hear about Farm Bureau’s priority issues for the 2019 Iowa legislative session. Also, podcast host Laurie Johns interviews the CEOs of Fareway and the Iowa Restaurant Association about the trends they’re seeing in Iowa consumers’ meat purchasing and consumption habits.

Tips for managing farm stress from farmer/psychologist Dr. Mike Rosmann: The Spokesman Speaks Podcast, Episode 3


Depression, anxiety, suicide - these are tough topics, but it's important that we talk about them, especially as farmers face the pressures of a downturned agricultural economy. In this episode, podcast host Laurie Johns sits down with Iowa farmer and psychologist Dr. Mike Rosmann to talk about ways farmers and their loved ones can recognize and respond to signs of stress in themselves and others.

NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson: From small Iowa farm to outer space | The Spokesman Speaks Podcast, Episode 2


In this episode, we hear about China, Japan, Europe and other trade markets from the Trump administration’s Chief Agricultural Trade Negotiator, Ambassador Gregg Doud, and Paul Clayton of the U.S. Meat Export Federation. Also, podcast host Laurie Johns sits down with former NASA astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson to talk about Whitson's inspiring journey from a small family farm in Ringgold County, Iowa to NASA and outer space - where she still holds multiple records, including most total days in space by an American.

Weathering a tough farm economy: The Spokesman Speaks Podcast, Episode 1


Spokesman editor Dirck Steimel speaks with Iowa Farm Bureau’s chief economist (and Lucas County farmer) Dave Miller about handling cash flow issues in a tough economy. Podcast host Laurie Johns talks with Iowa Farm Bureau historian Tim Niess about what has helped Iowa Farm Bureau to thrive for 100 years.

Iowa Farm Bureau launches Spokesman podcast


The Iowa Farm Bureau Spokes­­man, Iowa’s leading source for agriculture news, is launching a podcast on December 3.