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What will the future of food look like? How farmers are taking on the challenge of feeding the world – and how you can help


If you want to do your part to combat climate change, ignore the food labels that marketing use to get you to buy their product. Instead, you can help reduce food waste by making a meal plan, buying what you need, using up what food you already have on hand, eating leftovers and giving away any food you don’t plan on using to a local food pantry.

"America Needs Farmers" still rings true with today's farming challenges


At a time when farmers face a slew of challenges from weather, trade, low prices in commodity markets and other “uncontrollables,” the sentiment of “America Needs Farmers” still rings true today.

Why America needs more locally-grown (and globally-sustainable) food


Former Iowa Hawkeye star Matt Kroul grows conventional corn and soybeans and raises cattle on his family’s 150-year-old eastern Iowa farm. He also grows pumpkins and “vegetables from A to Z,” and he’s part of a community supported agriculture (CSA) exchange that allows locals to buy seasonal produce from his farm. He’s your "typical" Iowa farmer...

Share the good news: Why meat isn’t bad for you


Think back to your last meal: How many servings of meat did you eat, on average, per day? Honestly, do you know how big a serving size of meat is?

Pork is an excellent source of protein


if you’re a meat eater, pork is a great real meat choice-- not just during October Pork Month, but every day.

At the supermarket, Iowans go for the real deal


Commonsense Iowans, always good at seeing fads for what they are and cutting through the hype, aren’t buying the sizzle about imitation meat.

If you haven’t visited an Iowa beach, you’re missing out


It always perplexes me when I hear or see comments from folks who say they never visit a beach, go kayaking or eat fish from Iowa’s lakes and rivers because they’re worried about water quality.

Boost your energy with real meat


You don’t need an injection or infusion to boost your energy. You can get all the micronutrients you need from a balanced diet of animal-based proteins.

The morality of eating meat: Why we shouldn’t push our food choices onto others


Recent efforts by animal activists create confusion about the morality of eating meat.

Celebrating Iowa farms that have stood the test of time


More than 480 farm families, from every corner of Iowa, celebrated a milestone this year as they accepted their Century or Heritage Farm awards during the Iowa State Fair. The annual awards, sponsored by the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, really say a lot of good things about Iowa agriculture.