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Boost your energy with real meat


You don’t need an injection or infusion to boost your energy. You can get all the micronutrients you need from a balanced diet of animal-based proteins.

The morality of eating meat: Why we shouldn’t push our food choices onto others


Recent efforts by animal activists create confusion about the morality of eating meat.

Celebrating Iowa farms that have stood the test of time


More than 480 farm families, from every corner of Iowa, celebrated a milestone this year as they accepted their Century or Heritage Farm awards during the Iowa State Fair. The annual awards, sponsored by the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, really say a lot of good things about Iowa agriculture.

Is Iowa’s drinking water safe?


Iowa's drinking water quality is great. The Iowa Dept of Public Health says that the public water supply has been safe and clean since reports began in 1996.

The scoop on poop: how Iowa farmers manage manure responsibly


I found it lurking behind the air conditioner in our back yard; was it evidence that the wayward cougar spotted weeks ago in Des Moines was still around?

If you care about natural, then choose real meat and dairy


If you’re like me, and you’re short on time but want to fuel your body with healthy foods, then keep your meals and snacks simple. Focus on adding more whole foods – like lean beef, eggs and milk – in your diet and fewer ultraprocessed foods.

Rain doesn’t dampen tenacity of rural Iowans


Farmers have been overcome by flooding and ongoing rains, and with one in five jobs tied to agriculture in the state, other businesses are feeling the impact, too. Hamburg, in particular, has been hammered. Heavy rains in Iowa and Nebraska once again threaten the small town, as the Missouri and Nishnabotna continue to rise.

 Okoboji is a destination for boaters, skiers and great water quality


And thanks to efforts from locals—including farmers—the water this year is ready to enjoy.

Inspiring flood relief efforts are leaving a lasting mark


While Iowa farmers recover from $2 billion in economic losses from spring flooding and face uncertainty around planting a 2019 crop in their flood ravaged fields, the character of Iowa farmers shines through the flood waters with stories of neighbors and communities rallying to support each other.

What’s the most environmentally friendly diet? One that includes beef


Despite claims to the contrary, eating beef in moderation can be environmentally friendly, sustainable, and healthy.