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 Okoboji is a destination for boaters, skiers and great water quality


And thanks to efforts from locals—including farmers—the water this year is ready to enjoy.

Inspiring flood relief efforts are leaving a lasting mark


While Iowa farmers recover from $2 billion in economic losses from spring flooding and face uncertainty around planting a 2019 crop in their flood ravaged fields, the character of Iowa farmers shines through the flood waters with stories of neighbors and communities rallying to support each other.

What’s the most environmentally friendly diet? One that includes beef


Livestock agriculture’s role in environmental and food sustainability is more complex than activists and social media influencers would have us believe, say animal science and nutrition experts.

How FFA is training youth to understand “sustainability” in agriculture and rural Iowa


I guarantee if you sat in on one of their conversations about agriculture sustainability, you too would be impressed.

Planting Hope: A Master Gardener’s tips for tree planting


Here are three basic rules Laurie Johns learned this past year, while studying to become a Master Gardener.

Iowa Cover Crops: Answers to 8 Common Questions


Cover crops are relatively new to most of Iowa’s landscape, so (naturally) Iowans have lots of questions. We’ve answered some of the most commonly Googled questions about cover crops with help from some Iowa experts.

Signs of hope: Why monarch butterflies are important to Iowa


The Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium, launched in 2015, is a community-led initiative with a goal to enhance monarch habitat in the state through collaborative efforts of farmers, citizens and organizations.

Amidst flood tragedy, the spirit of helping remains strong


The one thing that seems to remain unbroken is the helpful spirit of “that’s what you do” Iowans.

It’s OK to report concerns about animal welfare


We live in a “see something, say something” world, and we truly want people to speak up if they see something that seems off.

Go ahead, fuel up at the blue pump! Why you should use E15


If you haven’t tried E15 yet, I encourage you to do so. I’ve been fueling up with E15 all winter, and I haven’t had any problem starting up my car, even when temperatures dipped to a record -20 degrees Fahrenheit in early February.