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Now you can buy real meat (and coffee) with a story


“Farmers have a good story to tell. And the meat helps them tell it.”

Mental health is health


If there’s one thing I want people to know during May Mental Health Month, it’s that mental health, like physical health, is part of our overall wellbeing.

Omitting facts on water quality misleads Iowans on progress


Every year like clockwork, as sure as spring rains come, so does a flood of innuendo about Iowa’s water quality, misleading Iowans.

Farmers make environmental strides beyond Earth Day


For farmers, thinking about the environment isn’t a one-day movement; it’s an everyday part of the gig.

How farmers are reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with each meal served


How do we feed more people while minimizing our greenhouse gas emissions and overall environmental footprint? Fortunately, America’s farmers have a pretty remarkable, well-documented history of doing that.

Iowa's fluffy cows explained


What breed is it? What's its name? CAN I HUG IT? Learn about Iowa's famous fluffy cow (it's actually a bull), "Texas Tornado," and how it's so adorably fluffy.

Celebrate livestock sustainability with “Meat on the Table”


With nearly all Iowa grocery shoppers putting “meat on the table” weekly, according to Iowa Farm Bureau’s Food and Farm Index, the consumption of animal-based proteins will undoubtedly extend year-round

Celebrating ‘opportunity’ during National Ag Week


Agriculture is an expansive area of opportunity in our state, given 20 percent of the state’s workforce is involved in this industry, an impressive number worthy of celebration during National Ag Week, March 21-27

On this year’s National Ag Day, I’ve never been more thankful for farmers


One thing that struck me the most, while I adjusted to my new work-from-home reality, was how farmers along my route to the grocery store continued their work to plant crops in the spring – no matter the collective panic that was happening outside their tractor cabs.

Biofuels: an effective and ready climate change fighter


It will require years, maybe decades, for electric cars to make much of a dent in GHG emissions. But there’s a great solution out there already: using more renewable, clean-burning biofuels.