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You don’t farm, so why should agriculture and Farm Bureau matter to you?


Yes, farming and an organization that supports farmers probably don’t matter to you in the same way they mattered to your great-grandparents. But they do matter, differently (and just the same).

Is there a Russian accent to the opposition to GMOs?


The protests by activists against foods made with genetically-modified or GMO crop have always been a bit of a mystery to me. Why are activists so adamantly against crops developed through genetic modification which are proven to provide true benefits to consumers and the planet?

Women’s History Month: Recognizing Iowa’s "sheroes"


March is Women’s History Month, and the Iowa Farm Bureau is also celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018. From its beginnings, the Iowa Farm Bureau has provided leadership opportunities for women, even before women had the right to vote in the United States.

Between the Lines -- Quality of Life in Iowa; A Glass Half-Full


People who call Iowa ‘home’ get it: it’s the land, the people, the wide-open spaces and yes, even the changing seasons that make Iowa great. For all these reasons and more, Iowa is the best place to live in the nation.

Less than honest tactics to sell? I’m not buying it


Research shows no matter what grocery shoppers choose, Iowa farmers are happy to provide, and there’s no need to “demonize” each other in the process.

It’s OK to be the World’s Okayest Mom


You know that “a-ha” moment when you stumble upon a piece of advice that completely describes what you’re dealing with in life right now?

Conquering one of my biggest farm fears


National Grain Bin Safety Week is February 18-24.

I propose "Meat Lovers Monday"


Instead of "Meatless Monday," I propose "Meat Lovers Monday" to celebrate the nutritional, tasty choices that meat and poultry provide.

Why are young farmers still flocking to a 100-year-old organization?


Like Farm Bureau, the Young Farmer Conference is constantly evolving (with new content, experts and entertainment each year) to continue to appeal to the latest crop of young farmers.

The raw milk debate: It’s not about choice, it’s about safety


Milk pasteurization, which is required by federal and Iowa law, is a process that heats up milk to kill any food-borne bacteria that could make us sick before the milk is bottled. Unfortunately, today’s “clean food” trend has made some people leery about processed foods, or any food that’s not sold in its natural state, including pasteurized milk.