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Iowans mount a "Farm Strong" response to devastating tornadoes


The communities impacted — our friends — have a lot of cleaning up to do. We’ll be there to help, because that’s what Iowans, do. We’re Farm Strong. It’s about sticking together, supporting each other in the good days and bad.

Making waves to benefit Iowa's water quality


Farmers use conservation practices to not only protect the land, but their families too.

"Peas" stop with the meat and dairy substitutes


Many meant and dairy substitutes are more complex than the real thing. Plant-based alternatives tend to have more ingredient and are highly processed.

Should we listen to celebs who weigh in on food and agriculture?


I don’t buy into their day-to-day drama, their special line of cleaning supplies or purchase their novels. And, I certainly do not trust their off-the-wall advice when it comes to food.

Reporting the truth - the whole truth - about farming and conservation


It seems that some reporters have adopted a "no good news makes the news" approach, especially when it comes to conservation progress in Iowa. Laurie Johns says Iowans deserve to hear about that progress.

Farmers sweat the details to keep livestock comfortable in the heat


Hot days with temperatures 90 degrees and higher means our family takes a dip in the pool to stay cool or finds activities indoors where it’s air conditioned. Just as we adjust our activities to keep our family cool and safe, livestock farmers are also adjusting to keep their animals safe during the soaring temperatures.

Antibiotics: OK for our families, but not livestock?


The truth of the matter is, even if antibiotics were not an option to treat sick animals, the case of antibiotic resistance in humans would not go away.

A protein boost for baby


While there are plenty of fruit and vegetable baby food options, proteins are harder to come by. But that may be changing after a new study from the University of Colorado was released touting the benefits of meat in an infant’s diet.

Backyard poultry, is it safer for human health?


Rather than “chicken out” on raising poultry, it’s important to take the time to learn about how to protect your family’s health.

What’s on your ag summer bucket list?


While a trip to a waterpark or a ball game is likely on your family’s summer bucket list, it’s also a perfect time of year to embark on hands-on learning about Iowa agriculture.