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The money-saving, economy-helping, environmentally-friendly choice at the pump


If your family will be on the road this holiday weekend, and your vehicle allows for it, I encourage you to try a higher ethanol or biodiesel blend at the pump and feel good knowing you’re making an environmentally-friendly decision and supporting Iowa communities, and saving money while you’re at it.

Four myths that need addressed this May Beef Month


It’s a good time to address a few myths about beef production, so we can all feel good about the summer grilling staple we love!

A century of strengthening Iowa’s youth


A lot has changed since 1918, but our commitment to the people, progress and pride of Iowa remains. There’s no better proof of that commitment than Farm Bureau’s decades-long investment in Iowa’s youth.

Nothing to sneeze at: research shows farm proximity can reduce allergy suffering


New research from the Netherlands shows that living on a livestock farm, or even close to one, may help protect people from common allergies.

Whether talking diet or conservation, it’s not one-size-fits-all


There’s so many factors that can affect success, that no single approach works for all.

From cow spotting to healthy food choices, ag lessons last a lifetime


Ag literacy aims to help us understand the role of ag in our daily lives - in the choices we make every day at the grocery store, the gas pump or the voting booth. That way, we can make informed decisions on important issues like water quality, farm production and nutrition...

Three surprising ways trees benefit Iowa’s landscape


During Arbor Day, both urban and rural-living Iowans should take time to appreciate the contributions and many purposes of trees in rural Iowa.

A “report” says avoid non-organic spinach—should you?


Spinach is a superfood packed with nutrients. Eat up!

It’s no surprise why Winneshiek County ranks #22 in the U.S. for healthiest community


See why this designation is a testament to agriculture.

Agriculture supports choices—and pregnancy diets!


There’s so many things to think about when you’re expecting your first baby, but I’ve promised myself not to drive myself too crazy over food.