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Did you see that? Don’t overlook Iowa’s water quality gains


Cover crops, buffer strips, and wetlands might not look impressive, but they are producing some amazing results!

Iowa's water quality progress is happening in your backyard


Cleaner water starts with science and goals, but ultimately it takes teams of individuals, organizations, businesses and government entities committed to getting the job done in communities around the state. That’s where Iowa’s Water Quality Initiative is truly excelling.

Greenway's gridiron success, character stem from "Farm Strong" roots


Chad Greenway’s gridiron success is well known, but his Farm Strong character that made him the perfect fit for the ANF squad is less reported.

The world’s love of Iowa meats goes way beyond chops and steaks


While most Iowans prefer chops, steaks and burgers, the overseas demand for what are euphemistically called “variety meats” is a big deal for our state.

5 things I learned about ethanol


When I read a recent USDA study which stated ethanol reduces Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by about 43 percent, compared to traditional gasoline, I knew for the sake of being a gasoline consumer married into a farm family, I wanted to know more.

Iowa -- the place to be


Being a lifelong Iowan and a farmer’s daughter, I admit I’m a little biased about our great state.

Power through your day with protein-rich meat, eggs and dairy


High-quality, or "complete," proteins found in animal-based foods, such as beef, pork, poultry, eggs and dairy, contain all the essential amino acids and are easily digestible.

FFA: For future farmers, teachers, chemists, veterinarians, and more!


With the agriculture industry expanding over the past few decades, so has the FFA.

Young farmers engage in ‘food fight’ to beat hunger


As a Cyclone fan, I have to celebrate wins as they come (especially if it’s a win over Kansas at Kansas). So, I’m super excited to announce Cyclone fans triumphed during the Young Farmer Conference “food fight.”

Young Farmer Conference begs question, what makes a real farmer?


What makes a "real" farmer? Caitlyn Lamm has the answer.