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Food allergies, labels and misconceptions


When you eat out or shop at the grocery store, you probably don’t worry about whether the food you’re buying will give you hives or worse.

Then versus now


What do you recall about the summers of your youth? When I think of the summer of 1978, I remember bean walking with my ‘Girl Crew’ at dawn, trying to get a field done before the mid-day heat found us.

It’s the summer of pink pineapples


I find it interesting that in a time when many foods now carry “non-GMO” labels as a marketing gimmick to play up on the all-natural trend, people don’t seem to care much that the pink pineapple is a GMO. Instead, they are thrilled that it looks good on Instagram.

 I scream for ice cream! And shakes… and pie a la mode…


Although it may be silly, to me ice cream provides not only a satisfying taste but also an emotional connection. Wait, did I just say that out loud?

A wrong or right way to farm?


Why is it that farmers raise livestock in different ways? Is there such thing as a “right” way and a “wrong” way?

Focus on eating more strawberries, not whether they’re organic


When it comes to our health, more fruits and veggies is better – whatever your budget or personal preference.

Three super easy ways to celebrate Dairy Month


Dairy Month offers much to celebrate from the incredible number of products produced from dairy cows and goats to the ways farmers raise dairy more efficiently and with fewer impacts on the environment.

Running is like farming


Both running and farming are mentally and physically exhausting, requiring an immense amount of endurance.

Food choices are good for all


We as consumers can see the resourcefulness and innovation of farmers reflected in our food prices and selections, although we may not be aware how this benefits us individually.

E15: It’s a fuel for every season


These are all good signals that gas stations can get the green light to offer drivers the benefits of E15 every day of the year. Now let’s hope that lawmakers and regulators can bring some common sense and year-round E15 to the finish line.