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Water quality cost-share funds available


Iowa farmers can apply for cost-share funds to help install practices focused on protecting water quality.

Duvall gets up close look at Iowa conservation efforts


The first thing Zippy Duvall noticed during his visit to Iowa last week was how corn dominates the state’s mid-summer landscape

Fremont County farmer, Chris Teachout, named Iowa Conservation Farmer of the Year


Chris Teachout of Shenandoah was using cover crops on his family farm long before they became a widely recognized and popular conservation practice in Iowa to reduce erosion and improve soil health and water quality.

Conservation success inspires continued learning


Chris Teachout was us­­ing cover crops before cover crops were widely touted throughout the state for their use in slowing erosion and diminishing runoff.

River clean-up crew sees how farmers aid water quality


Iowans have similar interests in cleaning up and protecting water resources, river clean-up volunteers in Floyd County learned last week.

Trout fishing returns


A collaborative effort among farmers, communities and government agencies improves water quality in the Driftless Region's trout streams.

Then versus now


What do you recall about the summers of your youth? When I think of the summer of 1978, I remember bean walking with my ‘Girl Crew’ at dawn, trying to get a field done before the mid-day heat found us.

Iowa Minute: Finding the best conservation practices for a farm requires collaboration


Ankeny farmers Carol and Randy Miller discovered that a bioreactor was the best conservation practice for their farm - to help reduce nitrates in their watershed. But each farm is different, and finding the best conservation practices for a particular farm requires time and collaboration.

Cover crop acreage is on the rise in Iowa


Iowa farmers planted a record 600,000 cover crop acres last fall, using cost-share programs and on their own

Farmers' water quality efforts help trout flourish in NE Iowa


Trout need clean, cold water to survive. And thanks to many Iowa farmers who are taking on the challenge to improve water quality, the fish are getting just what they need in northeast Iowa.