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Brandon Bowden's BBQ Pork Ribs earns championship crown at the 54th annual Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest during 'Farm Bureau Day' at State Fair


Brandon Bowden of Clinton slow smoked his way through the competition in the Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest to claim the crown and coveted title of ‘Cookout Champion.’ Bowden’s winning entry from the pork category topped more than 50 other grillers from around the state to win the 54th annual contest held on the Grand Concourse at the Iowa State Fair.

New executive director named for Iowa Farm Animal Care Initiative


Mike Telford has been named the Executive Director of Iowa Farm Animal Care (IFAC), a unique coalition that includes veterinarians, animal behavior scientists and farmers committed to addressing Iowans’ questions regarding farm animal care.

Celebrate Farmers Market Week! Meet the farmers who grow your food


My daughter and I started a new Saturday morning routine this summer. Whenever we have a free weekend and beautiful weather, we make a stop at the downtown Ames farmers market for a “second breakfast” (the best part of toddlerhood, if you ask me) before heading to the nearby kiddie pool.

How Yoga Pants Changed My Mind about Chemicals


As a gardener, I know that "chemicals"- such as pesticides and crop-protection products- are a necessity in growing safe, healthy food. Without pesticides, farmers would lose a significant portion of their food crops, which leads to food waste and rising costs at the grocery store

Celebrity judges fired up to meet Iowa's 'Master Grillers' at 54th annual Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest at the Iowa State Fair


Pork, beef, chicken, lamb, shrimp, fish—in Iowa, family farms raise it all.

Innovative plastic manufacturer in Fairfield presented with Iowa Farm Bureau's Renew Rural Iowa Entrepreneur Award


If you live in a rural community or participate in outdoor activities in the field, on the water, the playground, or the golf course, you have likely seen a product made by Agri-Industrial Plastics Company’s Fairfield manufacturing facility.

Poll finds Iowans trust Farm Bureau


I wasn’t aware that the Register had added Farm Bureau to a poll of Iowans about trust, but I’m not all that surprised about the result.

Iowa Farm Bureau offers 'Winning the Game' workshop to aid in post-harvest marketing


Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) is partnering with Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach to bring the “Winning the Game” series to 10 locations across the state.

This home DIY brought to us by agriculture


A bathroom remodel takes muscle, time, patience and Iowa-grown crops and livestock

Iowa Farm Bureau celebrates Adaptive Sports 'Farm Strong' character during 2017 RAGBRAI


RAGBRAI’s 400-mile trek across Iowa is a challenge for most athletes, but this year, one team of cyclists is showing what it means to be ‘Farm Strong’ during RAGBRAI XLV.