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Forget Black Friday, the best deals are on Thanksgiving Thursday


Sure, Black Friday deals are great. But I’d say Americans get an even better deal when they gather with their families for the traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day.

Aquaculture offers exciting new market in Iowa, but not without some obstacles


Four short years ago aquaculture surpassed beef production, creating opportunity for farmers looking to add value to their farms.

Beware of health advice from Dr. Google


If you have questions about your health, such as whether you need to be tested for glyphosate toxicity, then please talk to your doctor – and I don’t mean “Dr. Google.”

Price tag for classic Thanksgiving dinner reaches lowest cost in five years, remains an incredible value for Iowa families


Iowans preparing to shop for their annual family Thanksgiving dinner feast can rest assured knowing the traditional meal is still a bargain at just under $5 a serving for a family of 10.

Iowa Farm Bureau to launch 'The Year of the Farm Bureau' century celebration at 2017 annual gathering in Des Moines


Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF), Iowa’s largest grassroots general farm organization, will launch a year-long tribute to their approaching century of success December 5 and 6 in Des Moines for the 99th IFBF Annual Meeting.

When it comes to food, grandmas do know best


When I scan the news about food trends these days I often wonder what my no-nonsense late grandmothers would think...

Iowa Farm Bureau's 'Take Root' farm transition workshops help bring the next generation to the family farm


Sustainability and transitioning the family farm from one generation to the next is an important goal for farm families, especially as families look to bring the next generation into their operation. Iowa Farm Bureau’s Take Root program provides a valued service to farm families and helps connect them with the necessary resources to start the process and put a plan in place.

GMOs have purpose in food system


For about two years I followed a Facebook page run by a family farm in Iowa. Then, recently, they posted something that prompted me to unfollow them.

ISU student-athletes earn “Farm Strong” title away from the spotlight


The new Farm Strong Squad isn't your typical All-Conference or All-American team...

Farmer wave more than gesture—sign of support


I think the world could use a little more kindness, and it could all start with a simple wave.