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A tax reform toolbox  for agriculture


America’s farmers and ranchers work hard to produce the food, fiber and renewable fuel sources we all depend on and enjoy.

2017 Iowa Farm Income Tax Webinar


On Monday, November 13 at 1:00 pm, Iowa Farm Bureau will present the annual Iowa Farm Income Tax Webinar. As in the past, experts cover information to help farmers in tax preparation, provide updated information and tax tips.

Agriculture’s Tax Reform Tool Box


America’s farmers and ranchers work hard to produce the food, fiber and renewable fuel sources we all depend on and enjoy. Their work is noble yet challenging. Always operating in a world of uncertainty, there are no two days the same in agriculture.

Analysis Shows States Will Lose Billions in Tax Revenue to Internet-only Sellers


Unless Congress acts on legislation to promote fair competition between Main Street retailers and internet-only sellers, states will lose more than $211 billion in tax revenue over the next five years, according to new analysis released by the Marketplace Fairness Coalition.

Tax Reform Package the First Step Toward Tax Relief


The tax reform framework announced last week is the first step toward providing tax relief to farmers and ranchers. Pat Wolff, AFBF’s tax specialist, highlighted some of the details in a recent Newsline.

Farm Bureau: Key ag needs contained in tax outline


The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) expressed cautious optimism last week after President Donald Trump and key members of Congress released a framework to overhaul the nation’s tax system.

Outlook for U.S. Farm Income Mildly Optimistic for the 2017 Calendar Year


Net farm income is expected to grow by $1.9 billion (3.1 percent) to $63.4 billion compared with last 2016’s estimate ($61.5 billion).

Creating a fairer, more equitable tax system is crucial for farmers


Farm Bureau members in Iowa and around the country are gearing up to work closely with Congress and the Trump administration this fall to pass and enact comprehensive tax reform.

Groups urge Congress to dump HIT tax


More than 30 organizations representing small business owners, their employees and the self-employed are urging a group of senators to include relief from the health insurance tax (HIT) in their Affordable Care Act repeal and replace bill.

IFBF Ag Leaders urge more cooperation on key ag issues


As tough conditions continue to plague the farm economy, Congress can help by breaking through partisan barriers on key issues like tax reform, trade and the farm bill