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Prioritizing water quality improvement, animal disease mitigation, and property rights protection top discussions at 2016 Iowa Farm Bureau Summer Policy Conference


The voting delegates of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF), the state’s largest general farm organization, met in West Des Moines this week to develop policy direction on issues important to farmers and all Iowans.

Farm Bureau PAC names Friends of Ag for 2016 elections


Guided by statewide grassroots input, the Iowa (IFBF) Political Action committee (PAC) has made “Friend of Agriculture” de­­signations for the 2016 general election on Nov. 8.

Young farmers get glimpse of Minnesota ag industries


The annual Iowa Farm Bureau young farmer summer trip shifted gears this year, heading north to Minneapolis instead of east to Chicago to learn more about agriculture industries and network with other beginning farmers.

Congress Lays out Framework for Tax Reform


House Republicans’ plan to reform the tax code would make significant changes for businesses and lower tax rates. In Thursday’s Newsline, American Farm Bureau Federation tax specialist Pat Wolff highlights parts of the plan that would benefit farmers.

Budget solution rests with spending reforms, not tax hikes


The United States is facing a mounting government debt and spending crisis, and neither of the presumed Republican or Democratic presidential candidates offer much hope to fix it

Tax reform blueprint includes important ag provisions


The House Republicans’ re­­cently-released tax reform plan addresses several important features for farmers and ranchers, including full expensing, exclusions for capital gains and repeal of the estate tax.

Farmers and Ranchers Ready for Commonsense Tax Reform


House Republicans recently released a tax reform plan that addresses several important features for farmers and ranchers, including full expensing, exclusions for capital gains and repeal of the estate tax.

House passes bill to aid farms and small businesses  with medical fees


The House last week passed the Farm Bureau-supported Small Business Healthcare Re­­lief Act (H.R. 5447), which would allow small businesses to use Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) to give employees pre-tax dollars to pay for medical care and insurance.

Farmers need to be heard as Congress reforms tax code


American farmers need Con­­­gress to support cash ac­­counting and the ability to deduct expenses when you make them, ac­­cording to Pat Wolff, Am­­erican Farm Bureau’s (AFBF) tax specialist.

Farmers Need Common Sense Tax Reform


AFBF’s tax specialist Pat Wolff says farmers must urge Congress to support cash accounting and farmers being able to match income with expenses on their tax returns.