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Ag groups ask Trump to address rural infrastructure


A large number of ag groups sent a letter to the president last week asking for projects important to rural America to be included in any future infrastructure improvement plans.

New Productivity Values for 2017 Released


The Iowa Department of Revenue has released the preliminary productivity values for agricultural land for the 2017 assessment year. The statewide assessment for an acre of land based on productivity decreased 10.6% to $1926 an acre. This decrease is the first since 2003 when it declined 19 percent.

Members stress the need for state support for water quality efforts


Farm Bureau leaders traveled to the Iowa Capitol in Des Moines last week to meet with lawmakers and stressed the importance of adequate and sustainable state funding to support conservation programs as farmers take on the challenge of improving water quality through the science-based Iowa Water Quality Initiative.

Des Moines is seizing tax refunds to pay for overdue traffic camera fines


In court documents filed this week, attorney Jim Larew wrote that Des Moines officials are misusing Iowa's decades-old program that allows citizens' income tax refunds to be withheld if they owe money to a state agency, local government or other public entity.

Education bill protects Iowa property taxpayers


Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad last week signed the education funding bill, which increased state supplemental aid (allowable growth) by $40 million.

With cuts in place, Legislature turns focus to next year’s budget


Gov. Terry Branstad signed a de-appropriations bill last week cutting approximately $117 million from the current (fiscal year 2017) budget.

New legislation seeks to kill the death tax for good


Legislation introduced in the House and Senate last week would repeal the death tax, a priority for Farm Bureau members.

FB members press to make  tax coupling permanent


Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) members are contacting their state lawmakers to vote in favor of permanently coupling Iowa’s tax code with federal tax code for Section 179 asset expensing. 

Statehouse focuses on budget


The Iowa Legislature last week worked toward finalizing a bill to de-appropriate approximately $117 million from the fiscal 2017 budget

Branstad sets water quality funding as key budget priority


Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad last week introduced a budget that prioritizes a long-term, dedicated source of revenue for implementing projects outlined in the state’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy.