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Farm safety net essential, Iowa Farm Bureau member tells lawmakers


Sarah Rickelman, a Farm Bureau mem­­ber from Black Hawk County and a manager at Degener-Juhl Farms in Hudson, testified last week in Washington, D.C., before the Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy and Trade for the U.S. House Committee on Small Business.

Lower ag assessments may not reduce property tax bills


Iowa county assessors are currently in the process of mailing new assessment notices for all classes of property.

FB members urge lawmakers to push for more equitable tax system


As Congress gears up for a major tax reform effort in 2017, Iowa Farm Bur­­eau leaders emphasized the need for a fairer and more equitable tax system

REC again reduces state revenues estimates


The Iowa Revenue Estimating Conference (REC) last week lowered the state’s fiscal 2017 revenue estimate to $7.106 billion, down nearly $131 million from an estimate made in December.

Water quality funding remains Farm Bureau focus at statehouse


Water quality funding remains a key focus for Farm Bureau at the Iowa statehouse as proposed bills move through the legislative process.

Work continues on long-term water quality funding


Bills to provide long-term funding for conservation and water quality moved forward in each Legislative chamber last week.

Water quality funding bill passes first funnel period


Last week marked the first funnel of the 2017 Iowa Legislative session.

Ag groups ask Trump to address rural infrastructure


A large number of ag groups sent a letter to the president last week asking for projects important to rural America to be included in any future infrastructure improvement plans.

New Productivity Values for 2017 Released


The Iowa Department of Revenue has released the preliminary productivity values for agricultural land for the 2017 assessment year. The statewide assessment for an acre of land based on productivity decreased 10.6% to $1926 an acre. This decrease is the first since 2003 when it declined 19 percent.

Members stress the need for state support for water quality efforts


Farm Bureau leaders traveled to the Iowa Capitol in Des Moines last week to meet with lawmakers and stressed the importance of adequate and sustainable state funding to support conservation programs as farmers take on the challenge of improving water quality through the science-based Iowa Water Quality Initiative.