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Session addresses  Iowa Farm Bureau priority issues


The 2018 Iowa legislative session approves tax reform, water quality funding and access to affordable health care.

Iowa Farm Bureau pleased with Iowa Legislature's action on priority issues


The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF), Iowa’s largest grassroots farm organization, saw the 2018 legislative session conclude with passage of several bills on key issues for Iowa’s farm families.

Legislators progress on budget measures


Iowa legislators last week continued work on the details of a potential income tax reform bill and made significant progress on the budget bills for fiscal 2019.

Iowa legislators still working on tax reform


The Iowa Legislature passed its targeted adjournment date last week, but the session will last at least another week or two as negotiations continue on a possible income tax reform bill.

House passes updated SAVE measure


Tax proposals continue to make their way through the legislative process.

Legislature takes up tax reform bills


The fiscal 2019 budget and a possible income tax reform bill are the major items left to tackle as the Iowa Legislature

Iowa Number One in Hog Inventories and Hog Cash Receipts, and China Announced Tariff on U.S. Pork


As the number one hog producer in the United States, Iowa’s hog industry generates the largest hog cash receipts.

Grain Glitch No More


The grain glitch was an unintended consequence of Section 199A, the provision that created the 20 percent tax deduction on income derived from pass-through businesses designed to replicate the tax benefits accorded to farmer-owned cooperatives and their farmer-patrons under the previous Section 199, also known as the Domestic Production Activities Deduction.

Omnibus spending bill fixes ag issues


Grain glitch, livestock emission reporting and electronic logging addressed.

Health care bill moves forward


The Iowa House last week, with a bipartisan vote, passed a bill that will allow Farm Bureau and Wellmark to provide Iowans access to an affordable health care benefit.