Taxation Articles

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Traffic camera revenue proposed for tax relief


City leaders will consider a proposal to earmark any revenue generated by automated traffic enforcement cameras for property tax relief.

Congress poised for tax code overhaul this fall


A joint statement on tax reform released recently by Republican congressional leaders and administration officials signals that lawmakers plan to make good on their promise to overhaul the tax code as soon as this fall.

Poll: Tax Reform Needed for Farmers and America


A commanding majority of American voters support tax reform, a nationwide poll shows, while most voters also support tax changes that would benefit America’s farm and ranch families.

Taxes are a Certainty; Farming and Ranching is a World of Uncertainty


Congress is starting to get serious about tax reform. Both the president and leaders in Congress say they want to develop a tax reform plan this fall and now is the time for legislators to get involved.

Tax Reform Crucial for America’s Farmers, Ranchers


Congressional leaders and administration officials released a statement on tax reform last week, (July 24-28, 2017) that addresses many issues of importance to America’s farm and ranch families.

Clock Ticking for Farmers on Tax Reform


“Farming doesn’t come with a steady paycheck or a guaranteed salary,” wrote AFBF President Zippy Duvall in the opening of his August Beyond the Fencerows column.

Agriculture has a lot at stake as Congress pivots to tax reform


Farming doesn’t come with a steady paycheck or a guaranteed salary.

Farm Bill Math Updated in New Congressional Budget Office Baseline


CBO’s June 2017 Baseline for Farm Programs was released on June 29, 2017. These projections identify expected outlays for farm bill program spending, . . . . .

Trump in Iowa extols advances in ag technology


In a visit with ag leaders at Kirkwood Community College, the president highlights his plan to repair infrastructure and boost U.S. agriculture's competitiveness.

Politico: Proposal to Cut Corporate Tax Rate Riles Host of Industries, Agriculture Included


A Politico article (05-15-2017) on House Republicans’ recent tax proposal quoted Pat Wolff, AFBF’s tax specialist. Politico noted the proposal to lessen the corporate tax rate is “riling a host of industries that say they have little choice but to rely on borrowed money and fear that they will face big tax increases.” Agriculture is among these industries.