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Livestock is the key to keeping young people in Iowa agriculture


Grant and Nicole Woodley were both pastors at a large Lutheran church in West Des Moines, but their home farm in Wright County was calling.

Iowa livestock farmers upping environmental performance


Iowa farmers are continuously improving and working within local, state and federal regulations to successfully raise livestock in the state, an Iowa Department of Natural Re­­sources (DNR) official says.

Livestock production is a powerful engine for Iowa’s economy


In Sioux County, it’s dif­­ficult to find a business that’s not positively touched by the impact of the livestock industry.

Spokesman Extra: Livestock in Iowa


This is a special two-part Spokesman report on the positive impact of livestock production for Iowa’s economy. You can access a number of other articles on how livestock production drives Iowa’s economy, as well as videos, photos and graphics.

New Day Dairy finds opportunities in challenges


Dan and Lynn Bolin understand the challenges Dan’s family faced generations before they got their start in dairying. Those ancestors built the solid foundation, and the young couple have built their dairy, New Day Dairy, on it.

Planting green to help improve Iowa’s water quality


This spring, Humboldt County farmer Doug Adams planted soybeans into a tall, standing rye cover crop.

Antibiotic Stewardship Special Report


This special Spokesman report on antibiotic stewardship in livestock production explores the changing relationship between Iowa farmers and their veterinarians as they work together to keep food animals healthy and meat safe for consumers, while protecting the effectiveness of critical antibiotics for human health.

Video collection ( Germany 2015 )


Reflections from the study trip to Germany on soil health and nutrient management

Spokesman Extra - Chesapeake Bay Spotlight


Farmers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed are dealing with a common challenge — a so-called "pollution diet" imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). View a map of the Chesapeake Bay watershed and video interviews of farmers in the region.