Why an Iowa Farm Bureau Blog?

Welcome to Farm Fresh, Iowa Farm Bureau's blog about the people who bring you your food, fuel and fiber and the issues they face. With so much information available to consumers today, it can be daunting to separate fact from fiction. It is our hope that this blog can introduce you to the faces behind your food and shed some light on questions you may have about how it is grown and raised and what that means to you.

We also hope that this new blog will help readers gain a better understanding of our organization, the Iowa Farm Bureau. We are farmers, sure; but we're also you; teachers, bankers, accountants, artists, parents, grandparents, caretakers of people, animal and land. We have members from every corner of Iowa who are working together to help farmers and rural communities prosper, improve the quality of life for all Iowans, and supporting our youth.

Several members from the Iowa Farm Bureau staff will contribute to this blog and will write about a variety of subjects. You'll find that we are passionate about our support for farmers, Iowa's families, how our food is grown and raised, and the future of our state.

From time to time we'll also feature guest bloggers to bring their perspective to Farm Fresh. We'll also provide links to other blogs that can help provide more information and viewpoints. Afterall, food and fuel are complex issues and the way in which they are produced continues to evolve.

And we welcome your comments about what you read here, so we can help unravel the complexities surrounding agriculture today. We'll do the best we can to talk openly and to the best of our knowledge. And, just as agriculture evolves, so will this blog, so keep that in mind when you read about the lives of people who touch you indirectly every day.


The views expressed by the Farm Fresh bloggers reflect the views and opinions of Iowa Farm Bureau employees and the views of guest bloggers reflect their own personal perspective and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. The information posted has been reviewed for content and observance of dialog and respect. Similarly, the comments contained on this site come from members of the public, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and Farm Fresh do not endorse or approve of their content.