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We’ve compiled what you need to know to vote in Iowa’s 2024 General Election. Find out when, where, and how to vote and what form of I.D. you should bring. This election will be very important to the future of Iowa agriculture, farm families, and our communities.

Cast your ballot and encourage your friends and family to do the same using #FarmersVote on social media.

Cast your vote in Iowa’s General Election on or before November 5, 2024!  

2022 Farmers Vote General Election Information

2024 Farmers Vote General Election Information

Learn what you need to do to vote in Iowa's 2024 General Election.

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Voter I.D. Requirements

Voter I.D. Requirements

Learn what type of I.D. is required to vote in an Iowa election.

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Support Friends of Agriculture

Friends of Agriculture

Learn about the statewide candidates that have been designated “Friends of Agriculture.

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