2014 Iowa Farm Income Tax Webinar

On Friday, November 14 at 1:00 pm, Iowa Farm Bureau presented the annual Iowa Farm Income Tax  Webinar.  As in the past, experts covered information to help farmers in tax preparation and provide updated information and tax tips.

Presenters included Kristine Tidgren, extension staff attorney, and Kristy Maitre, tax specialist, both from the ISU Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation, and Charles Brown, extension farm management specialist.

Webinar Recording Segments:
Charles Brown: Segment #1, Duration 32:26
Charles Brown: Segment #2, Duration 26:14
Kristy Maitre’s Presentation, Duration 26:41
Kristine Tidgren’s Presentation, Duration 36:14

Webinar Materials (please click on the title to access):
1.     Cover Page
2.     Charles Brown’s Presentation
3.     Kristy Maitre’s and Kristine Tidgren’s Presentation
4.     Worksheet for the Marketplace Application
5.     Summary Tax Rates
6.     CALT, Crop Insurance Deferral
7.     Crop Insurance Allocation
8.     Deferral Form Attachment
9.     Deferral Form, Hail Ins.
10.     Deferral Table
11.     2014 Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Application Instructions
12.     Iowa Supreme Court IRR Trusts
13.     Farm Service Agency Adju. Gross Income
14.     Structuring the Business
15.     Estate planning mistakes
16.     Estate Terms
17.     2014 Retirement Plan Comparisons
18.     CALT Iowa Farm Leases considerations
19.     CALT Legal Brief – Tax Issues Associated with Unharvested Crops
20.     CALT Legal Brief – Depreciation of Drainage Tile
21.     Property Recovery Periods

Contact Ed Kordick, IFBF Commodity Services Manager ( ekordick@ifbf.org) for more information.