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By combining our voices and our resources, we are a strong advocate for agriculture and rural Iowa.

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Iowa Farm Bureau PAC

Thank you for considering a contribution to the Iowa Farm Bureau PAC. 

When we ask for your support for state legislators and other elected officials that support Iowa agriculture, our number one goal is to be good stewards of your money.  With your help through the Farm Bureau PAC, we have been able to continue to elect pro-agriculture legislators and accomplish many victories for Iowa agriculture and rural Iowa.

With broad support in the Iowa Senate and Iowa House - and with the signature of Governor Kim Reynolds - your Iowa Farm Bureau led the way on health care relief and water quality legislation. Someone had to provide an affordable option in Iowa after health care premiums skyrocketed……we knew it wasn’t coming out of Washington.

Iowa farm families were disproportionately affected by the near-collapse of the health insurance market and many Iowans were forced out of the market by exorbitant premiums.  The health care legislation from Farm Bureau will bring affordable relief for thousands of families across the state.

We will never stop working to advance farmer-led, voluntary approaches for water quality and soil conservation.  After three years, we passed historic water quality legislation that will provide hundreds of millions of dollars in long-term, dedicated funding to supplement Iowa farmers’ own investments.  This legislation was passed despite efforts from those who tried to lead us down a path that would have disadvantaged farmers.

Even more, the Iowa Farm Bureau was instrumental in working to make sure the state’s tax reform bill included several components important to agriculture, including:

  • Section 179 expensing that reaches $1 million, so that equipment purchases and job creation are encouraged.
  • Qualified Business Income Deduction, allowing farmers to take the same deductions on the state level that they get on the federal level.

Thank you for your support of the Iowa Farm Bureau. Each year, Farm Bureau members expect us to advocate for the interests of Iowa agriculture.  During the last few years, the dollars we've been able to provide to the campaigns of Friends of Agriculture have made an important difference in winning elections.

Please give your donation careful consideration.  Each of us has a responsibility to defend our industry for the next generation of farmers. Your investment will make a difference.  Alone, we can be ignored, but together we are a statewide force of thousands to be reckoned with. 

In advance, thank you for your help and we look forward to keeping you updated as we progress through the fall campaigns.