By combining our voices and our resources, we are a strong advocate for agriculture and rural Iowa.

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Iowa Farm Bureau PAC

Thank you for considering a contribution to the Iowa Farm Bureau PAC. 

Farm Bureau goes to work every day on your behalf to create a vibrant future for agriculture, farm families, and our communities. However, we do know that having more allies in elected and appointed positions is more critical than ever. We know that Iowa is only one election away from the goals of anti-agriculture activists becoming our reality.

I think we can all agree: elections have consequences.

Vast sums of money are being funneled from out of state into Iowa to be spent against candidates who support agriculture and in favor of others who would seek to tax, regulate, and fine us out of business. Their goal is to permanently alter Iowa agriculture and to unravel the fabric of our rural communities. They are attacking our very livelihoods. We must fight back aggressively!

With your help through the Farm Bureau PAC, we have been able to continue to elect pro-agriculture legislators and accomplish many victories for Iowa agriculture and rural Iowa. We have been able to make big strides in tax reform, roll back onerous regulations, increase funding for water quality and soil conservation, provide additional health benefit options, slow the growth of property taxes, and invest in improved rural roads and bridges. We have prevented a moratorium on livestock farms, helped ensure the passage of a new Farm Bill, won the battle for year-round E-15, promoted new trade deals, and much…much more!

Iowa Farm Bureau is making a difference. But we cannot rest on our recent successes. We must stay on offense.

Each year, Farm Bureau members expect us to advocate for the interests of Iowa agriculture. During the last few years, the dollars we've been able to provide to the campaigns of Friends of Agriculture have made an important difference in winning elections. With your contribution, I know we can continue to be a strong voice for our farm families and their communities.

Thank you for your support!