Farm Bureau Policy

Policy Development and Issue Surfacing

Farm Bureau members lobby government officials to create laws and regulations that benefit farms and rural communities.

They do this by advocating for Farm Bureau policy (collective belief statements and public policy positions adopted by members on a yearly basis). Members surface and discuss new ideas for Farm Bureau policy through a year-long, grassroots process. In February, the 2022 State Resolutions Committee reviewed all of the issues and input surfaced by members and made selections based on the priorities identified by members. From March through July, each county Farm Bureau is discussing the issues, obtaining member input, and adopting county resolutions. In September, the voting delegate body will vote on new state and national policy positions.

Read Farm Bureau’s current state and national policy positions:

Iowa Farm Bureau Policy American Farm Bureau Policy

Read American Farm Bureau’s priority issues.

How Farm Bureau Policy Development Works

Iowa Farm Bureau Vice President Joe Heinrich explains Iowa Farm Bureau's year-long grassroots policy development process.

2022 State Resolutions Committee 

Iowa Farm Bureau’s State Resolutions Committee plays a crucial role in Farm Bureau’s policy development process. This year’s committee members are (back row from left) Chad Adams, Tim Diamond, Joel Wahling, Paul Alexander, Joe Heinrich (Chair), (front row from left) Mary Ebert, Brian Dreith, Scott Anderson, and Colin Johnson. Committee members not pictured are John Lichty, Cress VanWyngarden, and Steve Howe.

2022 Summer Policy Conference

Click here to view the State Policy statements that were adopted at the 2022 Summer Policy Conference.
Click here to view the National Policy Proposals that were adopted at the 2022 Summer Policy Conference.

Member Input

Farm Bureau's grassroots policy development process starts with member input. Offer your input here, or click "Member Input" in the main menu.