County Level Analysis

The enrollment period for the 2018 Farm Bill may soon begin. An explanatory article and an ARC/PLC matrix tool is designed to allow users to see potential estimated payments for your county under ARC-CO and PLC. For that article, including a link to the matrix, please click here.

Decision Farm Bill

The material included is intended to be support material and information to assist in making Farm Bill decisions. Material here should be used as a guide and each program participant should make their own decision after consulting information and using available decision tools. The 2018 Farm Bill provides alternative farm programs for mitigating farm production and price risks. The purpose of the charts in each file is to illustrate differences between the two primary programs in the 2018 Farm Bill (Agricultural Risk Coverage-County and Price Loss Coverage) and how they behave across counties and between crops.  

Please click here for a sheet Explaining the County Specific Decision Aids.

County Specific Decision Aids

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