Acres Of Opportunity

What is it?

FB Connect is a “members-only” virtual opportunity for farmers to connect with other farmers about practical ideas and programs to help improve productivity and efficiency on the farm. This online discussion forum will enable farmers to connect with like-minded peers from across the state and share challenges and solutions experienced on the farm today.

The virtual discussion forum also gives farmers a chance to network with other farmers they may not ever have a chance to visit with and help them cope with day-to-day struggles, simply through knowing other farmers are experiencing the same issues.

Why join?

In a traditional employment setting, employees and mangers have the opportunity to network and build relationships through everyday interactions. Colleagues add value to our everyday lives through collaboration, comradery and understanding of the “work” environment and the issues we face. A virtual forum can provide those elements to our farmer members. The goal of the group is to provide education, personal and professional development through discussion of farm/business experiences by all group members. Honesty and confidentiality are required to participate in the discussions. Topics may include, but are not limited to; farm succession, employment management, business management, production practices, diversification opportunities, work/life balance, and more.


The discussion forum will be held virtually for 90 minutes per month and will meet at least four times per year. Each group will decide the ideal time of day to hold the discussions. Discussion groups will be facilitated through a representative from Iowa Farm Bureau. Members of the discussion group will be provided an opportunity to also attend FB Grit – an in-person networking session that will be held in February 2023 (tentatively).

 • Meeting attendance is mandatory. If you sign up for the discussion group, you must be sure you can commit to attending.
 • Discussions within the meetings are confidential.
 • Members of each group will be from different geographical areas of the state.
 • Honesty and professionalism is required of each participant.


This program is only available to Farm Bureau Members in Iowa.
Registration Opens: Mid-August / Registration Closes: October 1, 2022.

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