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WEST DES MOINES, IOWA – January 29, 2009 –A wind farm pioneer who now helps the world tap into the renewable ‘green’ power of the wind, is this month’s Iowa Farm Bureau Renew Rural Iowa entrepreneur of the month award winner.

Anemometry Specialists from Alta, Iowa specializes in collecting wind data for clients all the way from the New Hampshire mountain ranges to the Texas coastline, to the southern California mountain range. They even have clients around the world. They assess the wind power available at a proposed site, and construct and service wind towers.

Founder Rob Hach is an exuberant supporter of Farm Bureau’s Renew Rural Iowa program, which provides business guidance to rural Iowa companies. Hach, a self-confessed ‘serial entrepreneur’, created his first business at age 19 and had three different businesses by the age of 21. Now, with 14 years in wind farming, Hach’s family business employs 25 skilled technicians who perform analysis of wind patterns to help individuals and corporations make a profit on wind.

“This is a business we could’ve located anywhere, but we have a special affinity for Alta; we have the support of a close-knit community and wanted our three young children to benefit from the wholesome family environment and great schools. Iowa truly is the best place to be to develop wind energy and because of wind patterns and topography, we know our state has potential for much more growth,” said Hach.

But, growing and meeting client demand in this time of economic change is never easy. “That’s why they sought business advice through our Renew Rural Iowa program,” said Farm Bureau’s economic development administrator, Sandy Ehrig. “Now, the company is hoping to grow to 30 employees in the next two years.”

“Anemometry Specialists is a great business success story and we’re glad to have them located here in the Iowa Lakes Corridor region,” said Thomas Manley, Vice President of Community Bank and Insurance, in Spencer. “Our region is great place to live, work and play and has much to offer for entrepreneurs like Hach. Sometimes all a company needs to thrive is the kind of hands-on mentoring that’s offered by Renew Rural Iowa,” said Manley.

The first Renew Rural Iowa seminar was offered in the Iowa Lakes Corridor region, at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake in December of 2006. Since then, 22 seminars with more than 1500 participants have engaged in RRIowa seminars to help their companies thrive and grow. For more information on the Renew Rural Iowa program or to register for the Adel seminar, call (800) 254- 9670 or go online at .

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