Kids and blogs – they grow up so fast!

Our Farm Fresh blog just turned five years old (which isn’t that old when you consider Iowa Farm Bureau turns 96 this year). Thank you to everyone who has read, shared and commented on our posts over the years. Stay tuned. We’ve only begun introducing you to the faces behind your food and answering questions you have about how it is grown and raised.

To commemorate our five years (and Earth Month), here are my five favorite Farm Fresh posts about farming and the environment.

1. Covering up for conservation: cover crops take off in Iowa

Who doesn’t love a blog about “farming naked”? Plus, this piece really captures the amazing groundswell of Iowa farmers planting cover crops in their fields to reduce erosion and improve soil health.

2. Look a little deeper to see environmental progress

Ten out of ten Iowa fish recommend this blog post to a friend, which is all you really need to know. See how private landowners and farmers are working to keep them happy.

3. The environmental choice might not always be what it seems

This blog post reminds us to ask “why?” or “how?” before accepting conventional wisdom. As in “why do some livestock farmers choose to raise their animals in large modern barns, and how does that choice affect their ability to care for the environment?” Or “how do you support the conclusion that local food systems are better for the environment?”

When we ask those questions (start by asking a farmer!), we may find that there’s more than one good way to grow food and care for the land.

4. Standing up for sense on GMOs

Mark Lynas used to destroy fields of GMO crops. Now the former anti-GMO activist supports GMOs. What changed his mind?

5. Baseball and farming require precision

There are lots of good analogies that explain how precision farm equipment helps protect the environment. I like this one. (Then again, I wrote it).

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By Zach Bader. Zach is the Online Community Manager for Iowa Farm Bureau.