WEST DES MOINES, IOWA – Sept. 23, 2011 – Gary Hoeing turned his passion for tractor mechanics into a thriving business and earned the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation’s (IFBF) Renew Rural Iowa Entrepreneur of the Month award. As owner of The Motor Works and G.H. Repair in Spencer, Hoeing specializes in repairing and rebuilding John Deere tractors. He not only refurbishes the outside of the 30 and 40 series John Deere tractors, but produces parts (carburetors, in particular) and produces and sells them in the United States and around the world to customers in France, Germany and South Africa.

His attraction to tractors started at a young age on the family’s farm. “I wanted to be the mechanic on the farm,” explains Hoeing. In the last decade, he and his sta of ve full-time and three part-time employees have repaired 10,000 tractor carburetors.

The Motor Works and G.H. Repair were started in 1993. The Motor Works was started as part of a northwest Iowa John Deere dealership, specializing in complete drop-in replacement and repowering for engines. In 2002, The Motor Works was acquired by G.H. Repair and moved to Spencer.

Today, Hoefling isn’t simply fixing the green machines, but helping them be more “green,” or environmentally friendly. He’s making the machines use gasoline more efficiently by making them compatible with ethanol. His business strives to be greener, as well, using rain gardens, geothermal heating and cooling, permeable pavement and natural grasses and prairie areas.

The Clay County Farm Bureau nominated Hoeing’s business for the award. County president Barry Anderson praises Hoeing for his contribution to the community’s economy. “This business is huge for our rural area, as well as cities surrounding us,” says Anderson.

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