Every year I like to take a look through all of the photos I've taken. It offers me a chance to remember all of the great people I was able to meet regardless if it was during a carefree time or during challenging times.

In 2010, farming in Iowa was defined by the weather. The year opened with brutal winter conditions. As the snow melted, the state’s livestock farmers slogged through a wet and muddy calving season to care for the newborns. Summer rains were relentless in much of the state, dousing the corn yield potential. Yet, Mother Nature smiled on Iowa with almost-ideal harvest weather.

Through it all, the promise of Iowa agriculture and Iowa pride shined through in young people eager to carry on the traditions of their parents and grandparents. Below are some of my favorite photos from 2010.  Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy!

Written by Joe Murphy
Joe is a photographer and writer for Iowa Farm Bureau.