Soon, very soon, spring will arrive, and our lawns will green up almost overnight. Now Farm Bureau members can also save green on John Deere mowers and more for all your lawn-care needs.

John Deere is offering Farm Bureau members exclusive savings on select equipment, including residential and commercial mowers and Gator utility vehicles, available at John Deere dealerships.

Farm Bureau members can save $100 to $250 off residential mowers, $350 to $3,200 off commercial mowers and $200 to $350 off Gators.

The savings apply for IFBF members who purchase John Deere products offered through the John Deere Rewards program.  Through this new partnership, Iowa Farm Bureau members are automatically eligible for Platinum 2 status and discounts after 30 days of membership (and with a valid email address).

“We’re excited to offer members this exclusive benefit from John Deere, a company with a strong presence in Iowa. As we enter the fourth year of a downturned ag economy, John Deere knows our members appreciate a good deal,” says IFBF Marketing Coordinator Evelyn George. “And members can also combine the benefit with other national offers.”

To participate, Farm Bureau members need a valid email address and sign up at to automatically qualify for:

Equipment savings – savings from mowers to tractors to Gator Utility Vehicles purchased at your authorized John Deere dealer.

Special Parts Savings – money-saving parts coupons and offers to help keep your equipment at its best.

Home & Workshop Product savings – A 10 percent discount off eligible John Deere tools and workshop equipment including air compressors, generators, pressure washers and more.

Exclusive Member Promotions – new exclusive offers and promotions delivered to your Inbox along with insider tips and ideas to enhance your equipment experience.

New members are eligible within a week of joining Iowa Farm Bureau. For more information on the John Deere Rewards Terms and Conditions, visit To learn about all IFBF membership discounts, visit or call 866-598-3693.