The Agri-Power FFA took nine FFA members to Ashland, Kansas, to help the wildfire victims. FFA member Lex Judy had the idea and presented it to the School Broad members for approval. After it was approved, Lex Judy and CD Brinegar made some phone calls to Ashland Feed and Seed store to see what needed to be donated and where the FFA kids and the two chaperones were going to stay.

Chaperones Liz Spring and Jerry Angle left the high school with nine FFA members, CD Brinegar, Lane Morrison, Adlynn Eveland, Rylie Lathen, Lex Judy, Charlie Borger, Brock Ware, Alan Angle and Sage Goodwin. Doug Brinegar and RJ McLoughlin took the donated supplies on a flatbed trailer. When the members and the chaperones got to Ashland, they went to go unload the donated supplies at the feed and seed store. The supplies were taken to a lot where the other donated supplies were at. When the members got to the lot they were surprised to see all the supplies that was donated to Ashland. The church camp where the members and chaperones stayed provided a home cooked meal for breakfast, lunch and supper.

The first day of work the FFA members split into two groups to different farms and took out fence that was destroyed by the fire, and dug 4-foot holes for corner. The second day the members did the same thing, but were in one big group. The members were shocked to see all the hills and canyons. The FFA members learned how to work together and do something great for a small community. The kids also learned how a small town can come together and help each other with taking out destroyed fence and rebuild the fence. Current FFA member Sage Goodwin talked about her education learning experience and meeting new people. “I learned a lot of new information on the Kansas trip such as all history of the place. The one farm we worked on there was a man whose name was Phil. He told us all about the history of his land and how it had been in their family for generations. I thought that was something unique.” Senior FFA member CD Brinegar talked about his experience and the kind of work he did. “It went well in the period of two days we built four miles of fence and rolled up another three. We also dug 4-foot holes to set corner post. Everyone that went learned a lot about the agriculture in the area and they enjoyed themselves. Everyone down there was nice and they were very grateful for our help.”