Let’s get grilling!

If there is one activity that nearly all Iowans love to do in the summertime, it’s firing up our grills. Iowa farmers are known worldwide for raising top-quality beef and pork, and we’re so fortunate to have our pick of the best-of-the-best meats for summer grilling.

In this summer issue of the Iowa Dish, we introduce you to a southeast Iowa farm family that raises beef for the Cider House restaurant in Fairfield, the winner of the 2015 Iowa’s Best Burger Contest. I got a chance to visit the Cider House and try the award-winning burger. I couldn’t get over how much it reminded me of the burgers made from our own farm-raised beef that my dad grilled when I was a kid. Amazing how a favorite food can bring up so many good memories!
In addition, we’ll take a closer look at summer food safety and how modern farming practices help provide healthy, nutritious food for our families.

We’ll also explain how eating protein throughout the day can help boost your mood and energy levels to fuel your summertime activities. Plus, the nation’s dairy farmers are asking for your help in donating milk to needy families in Iowa, particularly during the summer months, when children aren’t eating lunch in school.

And be sure to check out the meatloaf burger recipe shared by Iowa Dish reader Darcy Maulsby. If you have a favorite recipe you would like to share, or a food topic you would like us to cover in future issues, please contact me. Let’s keep the conversation going about food and farming in Iowa.

-    Teresa Bjork, The Iowa Dish editor.

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