Back in the day, when my husband and I were first dating, we embarked on a late-spring road trip to visit family in northwest Iowa.

I remember looking out the car window and seeing tiny corn and soybean seedlings sprouting up in straight field rows – for miles and miles in all directions.

I said to my then-boyfriend that it’s hard not to believe in miracles when you see those seeds grow from the ground. A typical farm kid, he replied, “I’ve always thought that, too.”

Here in Iowa, many of us are surrounded by farm fields, so it’s easy to take for granted all the work that goes behind getting those little seeds to grow into crops that feed my family and yours.

Today, spring planting is more science- and technology-driven than ever before. Every step is carefully planned, tracked and measured to optimize for quality - and minimize any waste or impact on the environment.

In this issue of the Iowa Dish, we visit with an Iowa farmer during the muddy spring calving season as she cares for her new farm animals. We also take a closer look at how Iowa agriculture creates jobs and adds value to the state’s economy.

And I’m sure a lot of farmers are staying caffeinated this spring planting season. We take a closer look at the fake milk trend in coffee drinks and why plant-based beverages can’t compete with the nutrition provided by real dairy milk.

Do you have questions about farm animal care or how farmers plant their crops in the spring? Or do you want to share your coffee preferences? Feel free to email me at I would love to learn from you.

Teresa Bjork
Editor, The Iowa Dish

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