By Jody Van Regenmorter

Our family loves the quality of life we enjoy on the farm. As we raise crops and livestock, we take great pride in the resources God has entrusted us with. The safety and care we give to all of our animals is essential to producing safe and affordable food that is delivered to your store and ends up on your table and mine.

We work to wash and disinfect buildings between new groups of hogs coming in to prevent disease and sickness. Our hogs are vaccinated and treated for disease. We closely monitor who enters our livestock buildings. We use conservation tillage practices to utilize available natural resources as we grow the best grains.

My husband Chad, along with our daughters, and I enjoy the products of our labor, and we work extremely hard to do the best job we can in growing that product, whether it’s grains or livestock. Every day we work the land, grow livestock, and take in the goodness that God provides.

Chad and Jody Van Regenmorter farm in northwest Iowa and raise hogs, corn, soybeans, oats, wheat, and alfalfa. They also have a small vineyard.