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WEST DES MOINES, IOWA – June 12, 2008 –The Sioux Center reproductive technology company that has pioneered elite bovine reproduction for 25 years has been named the Renew Rural Iowa Entrepreneur of the month by Iowa Farm Bureau.

Since 1980, Trans Ova Genetics has been working closely with cattle breeders on advanced reproductive services, including in-vitro fertilization, embryo transfer, genetic preservation and cloning. Cloned cattle are used to improve the genetics of a dairy or cattle herd and preserve the lineage of elite breeds. Although the Food and Drug Administration has declared cloned animals safe for human consumption, the cloned cattle from Trans Ova are used for breeding purposes only.

“Clearly, the groundbreaking science from Trans Ova Genetics is laying the groundwork for livestock breeders meeting growing world demands. Their commitment as good stewards of technology ensures the best care of all animals involved in tomorrow’s breeding operations and benefits not just farmers and ranchers, but today and tomorrow’s consumers,” says Sandy Ehrig, Economic Development Administrator for Farm Bureau’s Renew Rural Iowa program.

“We are excited to receive this honor from Farm Bureau as the Renew Rural Iowa Entrepreneur of the Month. We are pleased to be a part of the community and an industry which we see as the backbone of Iowa’s economy. This is an honor not just for our work, but for the people who are committed to its support,” said Trans Ova President Dr. David Faber.

The Renew Rural Iowa program is an Iowa Farm Bureau initiative that combines an innovative mentoring model for entrepreneurs with a rural vitality investment fund. The program is designed to enhance the enterprise value of existing or new small town businesses to encourage their reinvestment within the community, thereby increasing the overall wealth of that community. The Renew Rural Iowa Award is a designation which honors leading entrepreneurs as a testament to the vitality, creativity and cooperation of Iowa’s rural communities. A vital part of the Renew Rural program is the Business Success seminars, which are held with co-hosts around the state; the next is scheduled for October 1 in Ames. To register for Farm Bureau’s Business Success Seminar or to register online, visit or call 800-254-9670.

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