Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig last week presented the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award to the Travis family, owners of Travis Feeders, a diverse livestock and crop farm in Creston. 

The farm is run by Dave and Jean Travis along with their son Curtis; his wife, Chelsea; and daughters Chanelle and Stella. Farm employee Tony Keeler is also an important part of Travis Feeders.

“The Travis family practices high standards of animal care and environmental stewardship and extensive community involvement, making them great Iowa agriculture leaders,” said Naig. 

Environmental stewards

Travis Feeders includes row crop and hay ground, as well as a cow-calf, finishing feedlot and hog operation. They also own and train border collies for competitions.

To combat soil erosion and prevent nutrient losses, the family uses buffer strips, tile intakes and terraces across their farmland. 

Their family farm is predominantly no-till, and they use the cattle and hog manure to improve soil organic matter in their fields, decreasing the use of commercial fertilizers.

Animal care

In addition to their focus on environmental stewardship, the well-being of each animal is of utmost importance. Travis Feeders are Pork Quality Assurance Plus certified through JBS and are working to become Beef Quality Assurance certified through Greater Omaha Packing. 

Travis family members are also involved in their community. Chelsea volunteers at a local LifeCare Clinic, and the family is actively involved in the First Baptist Church in Creston.

The Travis family was nominated for the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor award by a family friend, Rusty Zimmerman.

The Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award is made possible by the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers. The award recognizes Iowa livestock farmers who take pride in caring for the environment, their livestock and being good neighbors.