Saturday, Oct. 15, was a win-win for Iowa’s farmers and the University of Iowa Hawkeye football team.

The Hawks beat Big Ten rival Northwestern and Iowa farmers talked to football fans about agriculture. The farmers not only reached folks tailgating before the game, they also reached all 70,585 fans inside the stadium, including a national television audience, with the first-ever card stunt that carried an important message: America Needs Farmers.

Hours before kickoff, fans enjoyed playing tailgate toss and talking to area farmers who took a day off of their busy harvest efforts. It was their opportunity to talk to Kinnick visitors about what they do and how it helps feed, fuel and clothe the world.

“It’s important to take that ANF logo (created by former Hawkeye football coach Hayden Fry in 1985) and put a story behind it,” said Craig Lang, Iowa Farm Bureau president. He said farmers work every day, using hard work and technology to meet the always-growing demands for food and energy.

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Written by Joe Murphy and Heather Lilienthal