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What if the foods your family enjoyed- milk, eggs, chicken, turkey and beef -were available only from foreign countries? (We already import several fruits and veggies.)

It might sound far-fetched, even ridiculous.

But while Americans are becoming more and more interested in fresh, locally grown foods, more and more American farms are being lost each year.

Becoming a member of the Iowa Farm Bureau is a simple yet powerful way to put your support squarely behind the wholesome American farmers that produce your family’s food, fiber and energy.

We are a 153,000 (+) member driven organization of farmers, teachers, community leaders, husbands, wives, parents and business owners who are concerned about our children, families, communities, food, energy, the environment and preserving Iowa as a great place to live and work.

Our work is guided by Iowa values like hard work, love of community, a passion for the land and beliefs rooted in faith and family. We’re a grassroots organization with offices in all 99 Iowa counties. So we have a significant infrastructure in place to reach all Iowans. What matters to you, matters to us.

The best reason to join Farm Bureau is because you love Iowa. Farm Bureau works for everything that makes Iowa a special place - our rural heritage, education, a culture rooted in the land, an appreciation of hard work, families, independence and an eagerness to help one another.

Whether you’re a Farm Bureau member or not, our work touches you in some way. But as a member, you have an opportunity to reap much more, including an impressive array of membership benefits.

And you can join us for just $55 or less per year. (Fees vary based on county of residence.) Add your voice to our chorus.  Join today!


Download A Farm Bureau Membership Pays flyer.
Also available in Spanish.

Download the We Are Iowa flyer.



For more information regarding member benefits call the Member Benefit Hotline at (866) 598-3693.