Policy Development

Policy Development Read background information and view presentations on some of the key issues members are discussing for policy development.

Background Information

Click here for the background book on issues members are considering for policy development in 2018.

Additional Presentations:

Crop Insurance Premiums and Conservation Incentives:
Several proposals have been introduced and are being considered to reform the federal crop insurance program to incentivize the implementation of working lands conservation practices – specifically strip till, no till, and cover crops. The following anonymous interactive exercise includes 14 questions designed to inform participants about these potential reforms and help participants examine how these reforms could potentially impact their farm and Iowa agriculture more broadly.

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Estate Planning
Do farmers currently have enough options when choosing tools for estate planning? Does allowing Iowans to use transfer on death deeds fill a hole in the estate planning process or does it complicate the probate system and real estate transfers?

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Federal Crop Reports
The USDA provides weekly updates to crop conditions and progress throughout the growing season.  Is the report still important to farmers with the increase of other sources of information?

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Highway Overpasses
As expansions and improvements are made to Iowa’s highway system, existing infrastructure like county road overpasses may need to be removed to make way for wider highways. Who should determine whether a county road overpass is restored or closed after improvements are made and who should be paying for the restoration or closure of overpasses?

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Interstate Tolling
The Iowa DOT is studying the feasibility of incorporating tolling for a part of Iowa’s highway interstate system. Tolling is presently allowed only on the highway interstate system if there was tolling on the road before it was part of the system. In Iowa this would include federal highways such as I-29, I-35, and I-80. Should Congress grant states the authority to allow new tolling on interstate highways and if they do, should Iowa add tolling to provide an additional or alternative revenue source to pay for interstate highways?

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Iowa One Call
Iowa participates in a national program to protect underground infrastructures. Seth Hale, the Public Relations and Communications Specialist with the Iowa One Call program, will give an overview of the program as well as provide information on the benefits to farmers for using Iowa One Call.

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Livestock - Agricultural Land Ownership
Seven states, including Iowa, have active laws which restrict who can own agricultural land. Iowa has restricted who can own agricultural land since the 1970s. Two states prohibit the ownership of agricultural land for a poultry facility. Learn more about these laws and the challenges the Iowa poultry industry is facing in meeting consumer and market demand by watching the presentation and the podcast. The podcast is an interview with Iowa State University staff members, Dr. Hongwei Xin, Director of the Egg Industry Center and Assistant Dean for Research in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at ISU and Maro Ibarburu, Associate Scientist - Business Analyst, Egg Industry Center at ISU.

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Livestock Regulations
Iowa has a comprehensive set of regulations which balances protection for our natural resources, communities and neighbors with creating continued opportunities for livestock farmers to grow their farm. Learn more about Iowa’s regulations to help you evaluate the current regulatory system and the best approaches to address challenges.

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School Bond Elections – Voting Eligibility
Currently Iowa does not allow non-resident voting.  Should the state allow landowners vote in elections where there land is located?

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Utility Easement/Landowner Rights
Legislative proposals have been made to define electric utility easements. The proposals could expand the easements by statute to include more tree trimming and removal and fiber optic communications. Should utilities be required to get landowner permission? Should landowners be compensated for the easement expansions or do they receive enough benefits from the expansion for the utility to avoid paying for the property interest? Watch the presentation to learn more about this important topic.

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