2015 Crop Insurance & Marketing

2015 Crop Insurance & Marketing Timely update of 2014 crop insurance information.
Farm Bureau Margin Management webinar series continued on Monday, February 16  at 1:00 pm with a live webinar on 2014 Crop Insurance and Marketing.

ISU Extension and Iowa Farm Bureau will cooperate on this timely update of 2014 crop insurance.

In addition, this crop risk management webinar included ideas on combining crop insurance and 2014 pre-harvest crop marketing.   Speakers were Steve Johnson, Iowa State University Farm Management Specialist and  Ed Kordick of the Iowa Farm Bureau.

•    2015 Crop Insurance Changes, please click here for the recording (duration 29:16) and here for the visuals.
•    2015 New Crop Marketing, please click here for the recording (duration 28:.51) and here for the visuals.

For questions, contact Ed Kordick, IFBF Commodity Services Manager, 515-225-5433