Farming Community Disaster Exchange

A recent derecho storm system has caused tremendous damage, flattening crops, toppling trees, crumpling silos and devastating farms, homes and communities. The farming community is doing what it does best when disaster strikes – lending a helping hand to those in need.

To facilitate that neighbor-helping-neighbor process, the Iowa Farm Bureau has developed the Farming Community Disaster Exchange – an online message board where Iowans can offer help to those impacted by the storm system, or to seek assistance.

Whether it’s offering clean-up assistance, helping house livestock or donating items in need – simply post services you’re willing to provide. Need help? Use this message board as a way to ask for assistance as well. The message board also has a search function to help you search for topics.

*This exchange is a centralized resource to share information. PLEASE NOTE: it is the sole responsibility of message board users to contact each other to negotiate interactions or transactions.

*Disclaimer: By using this exchange the participant waives any and all liability and claims against the Iowa Farm Bureau arising out of or related to the participant’s use of the exchange. Participant acknowledges that by providing this exchange, the Iowa Farm Bureau is not endorsing any product or service, and is providing no warranty as to the accuracy, appropriateness, legality or completeness of any information posted. Iowa Farm Bureau reserves the right to delete any information posted on this exchange, and/or discontinue the exchange at any time.

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