Manure Applicator Certification Reminder

Manure Applicator Certification Reminder

Harvest is under way, with manure application soon to follow.

Please check to make sure your applicator certification is up-to-date. As Jeff Prier, DNR’s MAC training coordinator says, "The training is an opportunity to hear about the latest research from Iowa State University—from safety issues to composting mortalities. It’s also a way to stay up on the rules so you can better prevent water quality violations or respond to a spill."

If your certificate has expired or you have a confinement site certificate and just need annual training, you can take advantage of DNR’s online training and fee-paying option. First, you will have to create an IowaID, following the prompts. Find more information about the certification program at or

If you prefer to watch a video, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach offices are now open for appointments. Commercial and confinement applicators should contact their local Extension office for requirements and available times. Find training and viewing opportunities on the IMMAG website.

Currently, DNR offices are closed to the public. But please call the field office if you have questions about certification testing.

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