• Get an inside look at the USDA Crop Report and procedures
  • Learn from an international trade agency
  • Visit an Embassy in Washington, DC
  • Travel with other Iowa farmers
  • And more!

Would you be interested in learning the process that USDA uses to research and publish crop reports?  Have you heard about the technological updates that USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service are using to examine key factors in crop production and supply? 

To learn the processes and methodology of producing USDA crop reports, join us for Iowa Farm Bureau’s annual USDA Crop Report Trip to Washington, D.C. September 11-13, 2022.  The trip is organized in cooperation with USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) Iowa Field Office.

  • To apply for consideration, please go to this link.
  • The deadline for applications is Thursday, June 30.

Details: Barring a COVID-19 development or other unforeseen occurrence, Iowa members will again get an inside look into the USDA crop reports.  This is an exclusive opportunity for the approximately 10 IFBF members selected to participate in the USDA’s lock-up for the announcement of the September crop production report, which will be on Monday, September 12. 

As you can imagine, security is tight for the release of this market sensitive data.  This is a unique chance to experience the care and commitment of USDA in providing the unbiased data.  Hotel and air travel expenses (from Des Moines) are included for accepted applicants.   

The purpose of this educational trip is to become informed and knowledgeable of the USDA procedures used for assembling and analyzing national crop production data as well as meet with government agencies and other officials that regulate, oversee, or influence agricultural markets.  Other visits on the trip could include an international trade agency, an embassy of a country important to Iowa ag and the American Farm Bureau. 

Trip participants will be asked to share what they learned from this experience with other Farm Bureau members, as well as the public. 

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, feel free to contact Ed Kordick, Farmer Education Program Manager at ekordick@ifbf.org  

This is an eye-opening trip!  Here are comments from member participants:

  • This was a well-organized, well executed trip. I can honestly say that this has been one of the most valuable experiences I have had the privilege of participating in with Farm Bureau. 
  • It's a rare experience that provides a lot of knowledge that you only get by being there.
  • It was very exciting to receive the report firsthand before the public and hear questions asked by Under Secretary of Ag. 
  • I thought this experience provided great transparency to the process and heightened my understanding of the value of the USDA.
  • Actually seeing the lock-up procedures was the key highlight of the trip, but meetings with USTR and USDA were close behind. 
  • Highlight for me was the Crop Report and steps they use to complete the report. Gave me more insight and confidence in the report. Exciting to be in the lockup for the report.
  • The report lockup was a highlight. This showed me how important filling out my survey is and it was very interesting.
  • As I've said earlier, this was a great trip all around. I would recommend this trip to anyone considering it in the future. It's a great learning experience and an opportunity to meet and network with other Farm Bureau members. 
  • I have a lot of respect for what the USDA and NASS do for the crop report.