Conservation Tillage

Conservation Tillage

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Did you know?

  • Seven major conservation practices used on Iowa farms today remove 58 percent of the phosphorus, 38 percent of the nitrogen, and 28 percent of the nitrates that otherwise would be present. Source: ISU Center for Agricultural and Rural Development
  • The number of Iowa streams with self-supporting trout populations has grown by nine-fold since the 1980s. Source: Iowa DNR
  • Over a span of seven years, Iowa farmers have increased acres planted to cover crops (to help prevent nitrates from reaching water) by 4,625%. Sources: Iowa Learning Farms, Practical Farmers of Iowa
  • Iowa farmers have reduced soil erosion by 26% since 1982. Source: USDA
  • Iowa farmers have restored 413,945 acres of wetlands (to prevent nitrates from reaching water), up 14% since 2014. Source: NRCS, FSA

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