Iowa Farm Bureau - Promoting the People, Progress & Pride of Iowa

Across our great state, we Iowans have a lot in common. A dedication to hard work. A passion for the land. And a character rooted in faith and family. It’s this common bond that weaves through the Iowa Farm Bureau.We are a membership base of Iowans who take pride in what we’ve accomplished. From the farm fields to our cities, there is a consistent work ethic that improves Iowa each and every day.

The Iowa Farm Bureau is proud to support Iowa’s progress and our members. And it’s this mixture of people, progress and pride that drives the Iowa Farm Bureau in its goal to make our state the best that it can be for all of us.

With 100 offices in 99 Iowa counties (Pottawattamie has two), we have a significant infrastructure in place to reach all Iowans. We are your neighbors. This helps us to be more responsive to your needs and a better advocate for you at a local level.

Iowa Farm Bureau is working with you – side-by-side – to grow Iowa’s resources and ensure a good quality of life for all Iowans. Here are just some of the many ways you’ll find us in your communities.

Farmers and Agriculture - Iowa Farm Bureau believes that agriculture is a critical component of Iowa’s future. That’s why we are proud to support wholesome food and farm families who grow and raise it, while promoting new opportunities for agriculture in the areas of wind energy, corn ethanol, soy biodiesel and more. Learn more.

Youth and Education - Iowans believe education is the key to achieving their dreams.  That's why we invest in cultivating character and leadership in Iowa's youth in all parts of the state.  Learn more.

Rural Vitality - The majority of Iowa's 3 million citizens live in rural areas.  Vibrant communities start with people and the activity generated from their entrepreneurial spirit. Our Renew Rural Iowa program uses that spirit to help stimulate economic growth in communities of 30,000 or fewer people.  Learn more.

Health and Wellness - Iowa Farm Bureau provides its members access to high-quality, affordable health care and boosts health and wellness resources in rural areas.  Learn more.

Philanthropy - Giving back to the people who make Iowa what it is: one of the best places in the world to live, work and play.  Learn more


"I can't think of another organization that is as well rounded as Farm Bureau, from policy, to personal development, to leadership to community enhancement. Farm Bureau can do all of these things and to me, everyone should belong to an organization like that."

Adam Gibson
Story county
Member since 1996