About Us

Iowa Farm Bureau — A Patchwork of People Helping People

Sometimes our name throws people. We do love the “Farm” ... but we’re not really a “Bureau” ... and most of all we work for everyone in “Iowa”.

What about someone who lives in an urban area, works in a concrete high-rise and only sees crops when she drives by or flies over?

Yep, her too, especially if she 1) eats, 2) drives a car, 3) enjoys everything that makes Iowa Iowa. And it’s always been that way, ever since Iowa Farm Bureau was started in 1918. Back then farmers, teachers, bankers, lawyers, merchants, chamber of commerce officials, real estate brokers, coal operators and editors joined forces to support a way of life and economic driver that benefited them all: agriculture.

Though a lot has changed over the years, our mission is still much the same today. Across our great state, we Iowans have a lot in common. A dedication to hard work. A passion for the land. And a character rooted in faith and family.

It's this common bond that weaves through the Iowa Farm Bureau. We are a membership base of Iowans who take pride in our accomplishments. From the farm fields to our cities, there is a consistent work ethic that improves Iowa each and every day.

The Iowa Farm Bureau is proud to support Iowa's progress and our members. And it's this mixture of people, progress and pride that drives the Iowa Farm Bureau in its goal to make our state the best that it can be for all of us.

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